We’re inspired by… Midnight in Paris

The legendary bespectacled and dry-witted actor-turned-director, Woody Allen, has just smashed it with his new bona fide gem of a film, Midnight in Paris.  

Midnight in Paris is a romantic comedy about an American family who are in Paris for business. The film is based around a young couple, (played by Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams) who are engaged to be married, but after travelling to Paris, are forced to confront the problems in their relationship – their very different goals and the notion that living the life of someone else in another place and time, would be more pleasurable. Each night; the protagonist (a budding screenwriter) has magical experiences in the city which only begin at midnight.

The film is sure to be the triumph of Allen’s writing and directing career. It’s a dreamy, charming, escapist tale that is shot beautifully and really shows France’s capital city in its best light. Not since Ratatouille, has a film moved us to visit Paris quite so badly.


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