Herb Lester Associates – illustrated city guides & maps

It has to be said that your average guide book or city map, bought straight from the shelves of your local high street bookshop, tends to be informative but also (to put it bluntly), dull as ditchwater and more than a little stiff.

Sometimes we want a bit more from a city map than just pin-pointed subway stops, and we’re sick of reading about the same old tourist tips that everyone and their cousin’s dog knows about. So, this is where the clever and talented team at Herb Lester Associates come in. 

They research, write and print maps and guides to some of the world’s most interesting cities. Collaborating with many brilliant illustrators and designers; the guides are charming, quirky and not only useful, but beautiful to look at. 

They’re very kind on the wallet and combine the usefulness of a compact map with insider hints and tips. Herb Lesters’ guides cover the ordinary much-loved stuff, to the extraordinary – such as old bookshops, hidden cafés and even a Glaswegian fish and chip shop with an opera-singing owner. 



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