Five alternative honeymoon destinations

We’re all about embracing your inner adventurer, and who else would make a better exploring buddy than the love of your life? Think of the films Up and more recently, Moonrise Kingdom – if you got caught up in the romance of those, then you might agree that modern love is all about planning your intrepid adventures together. 

So, if the idea of post-wedding bungee jumping and canyon swinging sounds more romantic to you than lounging on a beach and topping up your tan – these extraordinary honeymoon destinations might be right up your street. 

1. Alaska

Not all couples enjoy sunshine. Believe it or not – some people would rather explore the snowy mountainside than explore the corals. Alaska has reported a growth in honeymooners – and it’s not surprising. Whereas once we might have rendered thick socks and long johns a rather unsexy idea for a honeymoon, it seems we’ve opened up to the idea that log cabins and mountain treks in the snow make a beautiful alternative to a beach resort. What could be more romantic than cuddling up under the stars with blankets, a roaring log fire and the twinkling snow outside.

2. Volunteer Together – Anywhere

You can do this one anywhere – so choose a destination that you’ve never been to and find a way of giving back. Yes, the honeymoon is supposed to be about you as a couple – but there’s nothing stopping you from sharing the love and benefitting a community at the same time. There are many volunteering schemes out there for people wanting to get more from their holiday than just a tan. From teaching English in a small foreign school, to helping a village paint their houses – for those selfless enough, the possibilities are endless.

3. Las Vegas

Not many people would associate Las Vegas with the words “honeymoon destination”. Thanks to films such as The Hangover – we tend to associate Las Vegas more with the celebration before the wedding – not after it. But Las Vegas is a great destination for a honeymoon. You get the absolute luxury and opulence in Las Vegas for a fraction of the price of that in other major US cities. But not only this – there are also huge amounts to do in this crazy city. You could be trekking the Grand Canyon one day and riding a rollercoaster around the Statue of Liberty the next. If variety is your thing – then Las Vegas might be too.

4. Mount Everest

No – you wouldn’t be trekking up the mountain, I’m guessing that might be too stressful for a honeymoon (and would take far too much training, especially when you should be planning your wedding). You can do a skydive as a couple over the mountain however, taking in the amazing views on offer. In the evenings you’ll stay in a hillside resort enjoying the basics. You could also take advantage of your location and spend some time exploring Nepal. It’s not something that you’ll remember because of the luxury – but it’s definitely an experience you’ll never forget.

5. New Zealand

On one hand, New Zealand is a scenic and beautiful hideaway, but on the other, it’s the world’s leading destination for adrenaline junkies. If you feel that you and your dearly beloved might need a bit of bonding via a smattering of death defying experiences, then this might be the perfect destination for combining thrill seeking and downtime in a stunning setting. 

Words and images by Elle-Rose Williams. Elle is the travel writer for No1 Traveller, who provide luxury airport lounges.  When she’s not writing and working – she’s probably travelling.   

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