Just you and a vitality pool: six of the world’s most remote spa hotels


Amangiri, Grand Canyon

Surrounded by mile upon mile of rust-tinged sandstone in the depths of Navajo country, this low-lying retreat is not somewhere you’re likely to stumble upon by chance. A luxe mirage centred on a sky-lit reflection pool (heated in the winter) and 25,000-square-feet Aman spa, this place will restore your Hozha and then some.


Beresheet, Israel

Accept the unavoidable strap-mark/scalp-burn situation and spend a few days on tip-toe like this dangerously Zen young woman; entranced by the views of the 200-million-year-old Ramon Crater beneath you. The clifftop infinity pool is the masterpiece of a dumbfoundingly peaceful resort that also features a contemporary spa, over 60 treatments and private plunge pools for 39 of the 111 suites. Called Beresheet (meaning ‘genesis’), the well-heeled come to this Negev desert sanctuary to feel utterly reborn.


Posada de Mike Rapu, Easter Island

Some 2,300 miles west of Chile is Easter Island; the most remote inhabited island on the planet and the setting for plush eco-retreat, Posada de Mike Rapu. Constructed mainly from volcanic rock, this isolated Polynesian hotel presents travel-weary guests with an outdoor pool, bubbling Jacuzzi tubs and a massage room that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. If you’re not fully okay with the idea of catching eight flights and a small raft to get there, surprise! Commercial planes land in Hanga Roa.

longitude 131 sunset

Longitude 131, Ayer’s Rock

Deep in the Australian outback, a series of 15 white iced gems dot the thirsty wilderness. Occupying a hugely privileged location in the Simpson desert, this sensitively-designed camp is like a private open-air cinema where Uluru is the nightly blockbuster and barbequed ‘gator is the popcorn. You can book a spa experience prior to your arrival, or content yourself with a dip in the thrillingly icy pool that cuts through the dusty heat.


Jade Screen Hotel, China

That daily dilemma of lift or stairs becomes somewhat less mundane at the foot of Yuping Mountain – atop of which is the fabled Jade Screen Hotel. Accessible by cable car or (more traditionally) 60,000 ancient steps, this heaven-skimming hideaway crowns the highest peak in the entire Huangshan range. To be honest, it’s not a spa hotel as such, though mercifully it does have a sauna and massage room. One thing’s for sure though: just the sight of the otherworldly rock surfaces, mythical sunsets and wise old pine trees will make you feel like you’ve undergone a month-long detox.

skibo pool better

Skibo Castle, Scottish Highlands

Shrouded from public view, nearly inaccessible – and the location’s fairly extreme too. The 7,500-acre forested estate known as Skibo Castle is a private members’ club and one of the world’s most exclusive hotels, with only a minimal number of non-members granted a glimpse inside. In fact, plebs are welcome on two conditions: a) you won’t scarper at the mention of the eye-watering rates b) you make it your first and last stay, as is club policy. All this fuss may sound a little out-dated and stuffy, but if it means you can have that celestial ozone-treated swimming pool to yourself, who’s to argue?

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