Travelling solo: tackling an industry conundrum

Travelling in a two is great, but what about those times when you feel like a few days away on your own? Perhaps the love and light of your life isn’t all that into whale-watching, or maybe you’d rather share the experience with a – heaven forbid – odd number of friends. Tricky, perhaps, when there are single supplements to be incurred. It’s true that, at present, it’s often easier for couples to find the best rates on travel, and we’ve received a lot of correspondence from members who’d like us to challenge this. This is an aspect of the industry we’d really like to shake up and make fairer for individuals, but we don’t mind admitting that we haven’t quite worked out how to yet.

woman stood on open road beersandbeans

The below should hopefully go some way to explaining why – much as we will always try – we sometimes aren’t able to offer discounted rates for solo travellers on our hotels and holidays.

Our rates for hotel-only breaks

As a business, Secret Escapes acts as an agent for the hotels and holidays (holiday suppliers and tour operators) we sell. For hotel-only offers, the hotel gives us a price per room, not per person. We often – though not always – include twin rooms as well as double rooms where possible, and we always give the hotel a chance to give us a rate for single travellers. If a single traveller rate doesn’t exist, it’s because the hotel has chosen not to supply us with one. If we indicate that single traveller rates are available but a price isn’t specified, you can find this price by selecting one adult rather than two when you go through with your booking. We hope to be able to secure more single and twin rooms in the future as we continue to grow our business.

Our rates for holidays with flights

Holidays and tours that include flights or transport (Eurostar, for example) are given to us by the supplier or tour operator in per person rates. As we’re not directly in control of this supply (or directly responsible for filling the plane or train in question), and the price per seat on a plane is likely to fluctuate, we’re usually given prices ‘based on two adults’ because a supplier would rather sell a pair of seats on a plane rather than single seats. We still push for single traveller rates, but this is the most common pricing structure given to us by our suppliers.

If this is a topic that you’d like to have a say on, we’d love for you to leave a reply on the post. We’ll take on board all ideas and opinions so that as we grow our business, we can make sure everybody’s getting the opportunity to enjoy our lovely escapes.


  1. can you keep me informed of any solo holidays especially any to the holy land isreal jordon etc

  2. I often travel solo but it is frustrating to have to pay extra, it definitely feels that you are being discriminated against, so any good offers for solo travellers would be favourably received I am sure.

    • Hi sue
      I feel discrimanated too as most of the nice holidays are for couples. We need to change this but travel agencies need support us
      I travel alone and always willing to share a holiday with someone if the price is right

      • Their openingly line is that travelling as a ‘two’ is great? I DON’T think so.

        There is a whole section of society not covered by this concept.

        I don’t need to elaborate do I?

    • SingleTraveller says:

      I agree with you. It’s like single people/travellers are being persecuted for being single. It’s not just here but everywhere you look for travel deals. Be it here, not so Wow cher, Group off, or elsewhere.

      • Even the image is disrespectful don’t you agree. Yellow is deffinately not this years fashion accesorie…missed the bag,the brolly…and no overtaking on a double line?

        Zoom travel SOLO don’t hitchhike?


        Adopt a strategy for single persons.

        Weird that there isn’t a single hotel in every city?

        • Completely agree. Also, the fact that everyone is in a couple and only travel solo now and then because it’s not a destination their other half would like to go to!

          It’s not a matter of travel agencies supporting making travelling fairer, but rather more people making a stand. Companies are being incredibly short sighted…single people like to travel too and even to really nice places *shock*!

          • I agree 100%. I’d also add that hotels are very shorts-sighted about this as single travellers often have more disposable income and are more likely to spend it!
            When I travel alone, I like spending time in the bar chatting to people – I’m not a big drinker, but I’m still spending money.

  3. Susan Hope says:

    As a secondary school teacher and (god forbid) being single, I am hit in the purse at every turn when looking for holidays. I pay a premium because I have to go away during school holidays where the same holiday can be up to three times the price compared to two weeks previous. Then I looked at single travellers companies who endeavour to put together parties for experiences and adventures that are often never during school holidays (unless they are the horrific young teen drinking holidays) and then cost in the thousands which I cannot afford. Flights cannot be booked easily with a package due to the points you make in this article. I am therefore often restricted to the UK and then get told that I have to pay for two people anyway. You can see how frustrating this is and you are right in that I cannot see a way of changing the whole holiday industry, so I shall continue to seek a partner in the hopes I will soon be one of those people who can look at the “romantic retreats for two” holidays and laugh at my single friends who are not going away again that year!

    • Agreed. Great, well said, you so wonderful expressed the position socieity have put us in. We cannot change the industry, but by changing our attitude towards the industry we will change it, at the end.
      In am available to explore your suggestion not to stay single.
      On the other hand, we could book together, share the costs as couple and travel at our own. If the prince on the white horse appears…..that’s the premium side of discrimination. Anyway, who wants to travel,with me?
      Maybe you know the song….one enchanted evening you will meet a stranger…..

    • can I go with you on holiday, lol I,m fed up with cruise prices its always pp never any sp in adverts

  4. Luisa Grandine says:

    I agree with the comments so far made. As a keen traveller I do find it very frustrating. It does feel like society is geared towards coupledom and having to pay extra because you are single does feel discriminatory. Many of the holidays are just too expensive with single supplements in tow so whilst it’s nice to travel with others – sometimes being able to just head off isn’t always possible. Please try and address this if you can – it would make a big difference!

  5. Rose Leyland says:

    I would like to go on a long haul holiday but find there are no single supplements. Whilst I can understand that hotel prices are often per room, why should I have to pay double for my seat on the aircraft?
    I will not, on principle, pay for a seat that I am not allowed to have the use of even if it is just to put my coat!

  6. dana perrin says:

    Travelling on my own is no problem, but as all the above people say the single supplement, is a real pain!

    I would just like to know, if you have any Secret Escapes, in New England, in the lovely old Inns, that they have, and also perhaps in Novia Scotia in Canada, where one could stay in a Log Cabin, and have a chance to visit Wolves and Bears etc?

    Perhaps a Canoe on the Lake also, I know it might be a remote request, but this is something, I have wanted to do, for a long time.

    Perhaps also, a Houseparty Holiday, where single people, can mix, rather like they do in Barbados, in an old Plantation House?

  7. Travel industry is for profit only and not charity . And there is recession. Travel industry especially secret escapes should insist with the hotels, cruise, and flight should not be an issue for single travellers who are in plenty in all age groups with ready finances and no time to adjust with friends or relatives for convenient Secret Escapes!
    Hotels , cruises, flights are never full so the whole industry should manage to fill their gaps of nonoccupancy and zero profit by single travellers with single discounted rates.
    The travel industry can benefit a lot in the time of recession if deals are done for Single travellers were both can profit as the single traveller gets deal and ships, hotels , flights can 100% occupancy.
    The travel industry should realise a big market for single travellers of all ages wheteher students, middle age , young, older group who choose to travel alone and married too who need an escape on their own , widowers, divorced, seperated, single etc.
    This is modern age and people travel alone for various reasons and a new wave of single holidays should be a neccessasity and this wide gap which needs to be targeted and looked into asap by the sleeping travel industry.

  8. Single travellers are becoming the norm, not the minority now, and the hotel industry need to recognise that times are changing and they are losing out on a big sector of their potential customers.

    In such a bleak market, what is the logic of excluding so many potential customers – is it really better to have empty rooms and reduced revenue than having *someone* in that room (and a single person paying LESS, not MORE than if you had two people in that room)? Are housekeeping costs any greater for single guests? If anything I would have thought they would have been the same or less.

    Does the fact that hotels are seeing so many empty rooms – to the point that they’re offering rooms to companies like Secret Escapes – telling them that there’s something with their business model that needs tweaking?

    And hotel companies such as WarnerLeisure are insulting with their website – they quote “per person” but *will NOT* allow you to book for less than 2 people no matter the room type . Their headline rate of £200 per night is actually per person, so a night automatically becomes £400 a night. The message from them is “single travellers simply arent worth it so dont bother”. All right I wont – but I wont lose any sleep if their profits arent what they want neither

  9. And for Secret Escapes: you need to reflect somehow on your emails that single traveller prices are available. All sales I’ve checked out are listed as “based on 2 people sharing” – I’m not going to waste my time trying to check a place out if I’m not going to get any benefit for being a single traveller (e.g. cos I’m going to get charged double price for single occupancy as per warnerleisure). If there’s a chance that they will provide single occupancy raters, I might actually check them out, but I’ll only know from your email.

  10. Mike Marsh says:

    Since losing my lovely wife two years ago I find myself as a reluctant single traveler. As a result I find it very frustrating to be informed that the holiday that appeals is for TWO people
    sharing. I am sure that I am just one of hundreds of widowers and widows who find themselves in the same situation.

    • Yes Mike I feel this too, I am trying hard to find somewhere to go to give me a ‘holiday’, even though its hard, like you losing my husband just over two years ago has made me the ‘single traveler’ now and even harder when you have to pay so much for that extra person who isn’t even there with you anymore. The travel agents don’t help by fighting for all us single people, as there is more money to be made in ‘couples’. I don’t think it will change much either. There are single rooms in hotels and if not then they should build more! I have found more holidays with Mercury Direct to offer me something though. But it may not be the holiday that Secret Escapes could give me its better then nothing I guess.

  11. It’s difficult to find well-informed people for this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  12. I don’t complain too much about the single supplement if it’s reasonable as if the room is for two people and only one uses it the supplier ‘loses’ money, however if there are vacancies for late bookings one would think that the single supplement could be waived or at least reduced to a manageable sum in order to get any booking at all?

  13. I’ve basically never seen a holiday through Secret Escapes that I could book as a single person. I just ignore your emails now. I guess it is a travel industry problem… but if I book through airline and hotel sites I can quite easily book a flight for one person and a room for myself. I just don’t get a good deal. Seems a massively neglected market to me.

    • I did find one hotel on Secret Escapes in Milan which was’t a bad deal. However the next time it appeared it was for two people only. I guess that was why at first in the hotel I had a very noisy room with a rackety air conditioning and when I changed the room that was as far along the corridor a you could get!!

  14. I totally agree with all these comments. I am looking to go on a cruise with a couple who are friends of mine and have experienced good and bad cruises, we have searched lots of websites only to find that me being the 3rd / single person a real problem….I really would like to experience a cruise with these good friends of mine if possible.

  15. I would like to see more hotel only offers as then at least solo travellers would not need to buy two flights.

  16. There are more and more of us around – single travellers – the result of increasing divorce rates, people deciding to marry late or not at all – and we get such a raw deal. When is the hotel industry going to wake up and build more single rooms within their hotels?
    Would they rather have empty rooms in this time of economic recession or could they not sell the room (perhaps within the last month) at half the price?
    Come on, be creative!!

  17. I seem to agree with all the previous posts. I usually travel with a friend and we both want a room each, wether we are abroad or in the UK, so unless there are two separate bedrooms with a suite, they hotels are missing out on two bookings. The ‘single’ travellers are increasing and the industry does need to cater for this expanding market.

    If you have any single rooms on offer can you perhaps high light it in your descriptions so that it is easier for us single travellers to find?

    I too would like to be informed of any ‘single room’ offers.

  18. Good to know you are reviewing how to support solo travellers, however solo travelling does not mean I want a twin room or a single bed, it just means I want more reasonable prices!

    Currently the website is not user friendly in terms of identifying single rate available hotels. I have to go into every deal to check, time consuming and mostly disappointing.

  19. How much I agree with all the comments. I retired last year from a demanding, anti-social life in the NHS. I then was involved in caring for a relative during the last year of her life. At last I have the time to indulge myself. I’ve always more or less accepted that my rare holidays and breaks were expensive, the same as maintaining a house on one income is expensive, but now find myself less tolerant of this for all the reasons already stated. It is discriminatory after all. Even the drive for profit shouldn’t be allowed as an excuse.

  20. as parents of an adult with learning disabilities we love to go on holiday with him but have to settle constantly on self catering or the very occasional offer however this is getting increasingly difficult. ecret escapes could help in this by indication up front if this is an option, I have yet to find one of your offers that has a single traveller price.

  21. One thing Secret Escapes could do NOW, is filter the mailings you send out, so those who want have a choice to select a mailing that has a singles option on it. So many times (in fact ALL times to date) I go through looking at a deal, selecting the dates, clicking on the single option to find it isnt available and the deal is no deal at all, so leave it. I will be unsubscribing soon, as havent found a single good deal for a single person yet in over 6 months. I would rather subscribe to a list that has options for singles, than give up th elink to Secret Escapes altogether – maybe it will be a much smaller list, but it is better to have that focus than get excited about deals that really dont apply. Can you do anything on this Secret Escapes?

    • I absolutely agree with just about everything that all the above people have said.
      As another secondary school teacher, I’ve had to put up with all the problems, frustrations and expenses detailed by Susan Hope. But I’ve just retired – hooray! – the world is now my oyster? Sadly, no. There is an army of bloggers here asking Secret Escapes to enable a filter for single travellers. Can this be so difficult? Or – and am I just a cynic – do they want us on here for their numbers to look good?
      I get so desperate I’ll even pay the full room price (after all, I’ve been doing this for years) as long as I don’t have to buy two plane tickets! Yes, I can go to the trouble of ringing a hotel abroad, finding availability, agreeing a rate and booking a transfer taxi. But wait, first I must find a flight that gets me to my chosen destination on roughly the dates I want, before I can book my hotel. But, of course, we singles only buy half the number of meals and drinks and that is often where the hotels make their money so they don’t like us. And I really, really object to paying extra for a rubbish room – up in the attic, overlooking the bins, next to the lift – I’ve had them all. I was particularly impressed by the window which, when I pulled back the curtain had a view of a rock face about three feet away….
      OK, I manage all that and get to my hotel and now I want to go on some trips out and about. I have to search for this at the hotel or in the area. But I don’t have the services of a travel rep who will get better rates for trips, do all this for me and sort out any problems that might occur. Hassle! This was supposed to be a holiday! I just want to be like other people and pop off to a destination with it all organised! Yes, I can and have done it all myself but all I want is a week on a Greek beach and trips to the local ruins and a lazy day on a boat with my brain in neutral. Not much to ask? Actually what I really want to do is see the Northern Lights in Iceland! Secret Escapes has a great offer including tours – fabulous – but no. Only couples….
      Yes, the travel industry is missing a very large, financially lucrative, trick here – thousands and thousands of us wanting to, and able to be, flexible about our travel and often with more disposable income, but almost totally unable to find ways to give companies our money! HELP!

  22. At last – like minded people!! Thanks for addressing this, but I couldn’t agree more with those who say that surely you can filter what we get, it is so disheartening to find holiday after holiday that I would love to take and get all the way through to booking only to find I cant go!!

    After a year on your mailing list I have really been considering unsubscribing, but if you can mail these single traveller offers, then of course it would be great. This is already a very big and really growing market, so in many ways you are missing a trick – take up this baton and become a market leader for all of us
    thanks for exploring this and I look forward to what happens next

  23. Carol Pillinger says:

    I agree with what has been said – if there was a separate page each week which shows offers which allow single that would be really helpful.
    Equally I have asked about a hotel in Christchurch with just room only price and what is to stop me as a single person booking it – it doesn’t give me a single option but when I went to book it doesn’t actually ask how many people are going to be in my room! the hotel will gain as it is supplying breakfast and a dinner for 2 people but there will only be one person!

    Surely Secret Escapes should suggest this to hotels who are pricing by the room rather than per person.

    • There are thousands of instances where I believe the hotel industry are loosing customers and I think there are now alternatives. But would Secret Escapes want you to move wit alternatives?

      I often go straight to the hotel that they offer and propose a rate that is palatable.

      Try…it sometimes works and if you have a point system with any otels group remember that by booking with third parties the points are not redeemable.

  24. Yes—we want single holidays on occasions—with no supplements and restrictions.
    Eventually some forward-thinking travel company will realise what a big demand there is and provide them……

    • Trouble is Malcolm is that hotels sell two people dinner and with a family even more for breakfast. My last hotel in Lyon (not with Secret Escapes, unless they do the same hotel was 22 Euros extra). Room taxes are also according to how many people in a room.The bar does better still and taxis and transits I suppose.

  25. I am frustrated too as am a single female who like a nice holiday but don’t want to pay extra. Come on secret escape. Help us find a nice deal for single people

  26. Secret Escapes is useless to solo travellers (and there are lots of us). Later marriage, Divorce, Widowhood, business travel, or even among couples or friends – differing work commitments, snoring or other sleep disturbance issues, mean that there will always be hundreds of thosands of peopel who prefer to travel as ” single ” – whethe short term or longer term. WHY doesn;l the industry wake up to this and cater to them? Generally we are reasonably well off . But that doesn’t meant we want to pay almost double! Often we are far more flexible than couples or groups. Because we only have ourselves to sort out, we are genera;hy far more willing and ablel to travel at short notice. Surely that should make us EXACTLYthe right target grop for unssold rooms? Yet you, or those segments of the industry that you represent, don’t offer us any value whatsoever. Yes I can understand why a hotel would prefer to have two people rather thatn one. And if they have no problem filling all their rooms on that basis , good for them. But if a room is unsold would it not be better to have one person in it than none? Hotels need to be built or -re-configured – to include more single rooms. Even within the existing building stock, hotels could consider cahsing in on the flexibility of solo travellers by discounting unbooked rooms, even if rather late in the day. As for Secret Escapes, if would be helpful if you set up a seacch term, “solo friendly”, but only if you have fairly stringent rules about what can be listed. Only options offering genuine deals for solo trafvellers, shoudl be included. Alternativleyh you might consider a “last minute solo” mailing list, via which hotels could offer genuine solo rates on unsold roooms to travelers available to travel within, say, a week or at most a fortnight. This woudld only be useful if you onlyh allow hotesl to be included when they are prepared to offer significant disccounts on the double occupancy rate to last minute solo travellers.

    • Well said! My sentiments exactly. There are so many single people now, you’d think the travel industry would take us into account. Not all of us have families and lovers to go on holiday with. Grrrr

  27. Yep, as a female single traveller I’m fed up with spotting a nice holiday only to find its way beyond my price range due to single person supplement and, often when you’ve paid that supplement, you find yourself in an inferior room because all the best rooms are given to couples or families. Grrrr. I want a decently priced single room for single travellers. I’m not an alien, I’m just like everyone else but I travel alone. Single Escapes looks great and the idea of discount off appeals (naturally!), but if you’re single, will that really pan out?

    • I agree. WHy ruin a holiday and travel with someone! It takes all my concentration to personouvre the transport system,find the places of key interest and feed myself especially when hotels charge £30 for breakfast!

      I agree that single people are marginalised into problem areas of hotels, dodgy rooms, faults, way out down a corridor.

      Secret Escapes seem only to have minimal discounts for us and they are so very hard to find and pointless when you get there. Are they merely covering themselves so as not to appear singlephobic?

  28. I fundamentally disagree with almost everything in this blog post. What you are saying is that getting holiday providers to list offerings is more important to you than getting single travellers to buy.

    You could refuse to list offerings that do not include options for singles

    You could take a look at their/your logic for the sham it is. Airlines want to fill planes and need singles to do that, especially on aircraft where seats are in banks of three. Most quality hotels use a double bed as standard; if they have singles, those are the rooms standing empty. It costs less for a single person to occupy a room, not more – less water, less toiletries, less refreshment. Your pricing model could easily be broken into accommodation plus travel: pay for the room as a whole, then pay the travel.

    You are the ones refusing to insist on doing this. Stop blaming the industry. Or admit that single travellers aren’t your target market

    • I must admit that every single room I have ever stayed in (other than budget) has been a single room normally for double occupancy.

      You will find that hotels want to make as much ‘add on’ costs as possible and to his end will prefer doubles and families.

      Let them continue to remain empty sometimes.

  29. Here’s your answer. Why don’t Secret Escapes set up an online blog where a single person can show interest in a holiday and that is flagged up on some database ( not difficult) single travellers can then look at database, and using an on line, blog contact the person and discuss via e mail if sharing their holiday would be viable, and SE can give a small discount for the privilege of two single booking a holiday,,,,simple.

  30. Paul Johnson says:

    what’s the big problem in putting singles prices,is it so hard to do

  31. Paul Johnson says:

    I can stay in a castle/s in Poland for £35 single and hotels for single price

    • Occasionally you are told that Secret escapes do a deal for Singles…but in fact the discounted price is minimal…say £50 on a £600 plus holiday!! Read my other blog replies to my comments on this subject.

  32. Very annoyed here it does not a lot to put singles prices I don’t want to have ask everytime

  33. Very annoyed here it does not take a lot to put singles prices I don’t want to have to ask everytime

  34. If a site can’t be bothered to put singles prices, I can’t be bothered to use them , please unsubscribe me

  35. Mary Hird says:

    I totally agree with Paul Johnston, and have cancelled my membership. I will continue to do as I have always done, book flights, then book hotels via an agency where it is price per room.

  36. Annoying that single people – and we are in c21st not 1950s – like many single travellers enjoy escaping on holiday on their own. The market is saturated with naff holidays for singles that involve doing group activities ( no thanks) There is a desperate need for sites like yours to make it easier for busy people to book solo escapes on their own without all the ridiculous hoopla, searching and extra charges.

  37. Interesting reading.
    I can understand that some of these deals will be linked to the providers wanting to get the extra spend where two people are travelling.

    I would love to see though, as other people have mentioned, a filter on this site to be able to drop out all the offers that aren’t suitable for those of us single travellers.

    At the moment it makes it really hard to use your site. Seeing a fantastic offer, lovely pictures and descriptions – only to click on “single travellers” to be told: “Unfortunately there are no single occupancy rates available for this offer.”

    • Yes why not have a structure on the site where single people can go straight to holidays/flights and hotels etc that welcome single people and charge accordingly.

  38. I couldn’t agree more with all of the comments that have been made on this blog but I can see nothing back from Secret Escapes. When are you going to answer some of these points and explain why you can’t have a filter for those offers suitable for people travelling alone? Over to you Secret Escapes…

  39. Glenys Goodwill says:

    I don’t know what male single travellers are likely to do., but as a single female traveller, I am much more likely to use the hotel bar for safety more than anything else. This way they’ll make MORE out of a single occupant!

  40. I feel the same as many others. There is little point looking at holiday adverts if I can’t book one as a single person. The number of times I have clicked on something on this site only to find what I want is unavailable is far too many. The Search on this site is pretty weak as it is, so adding a single only button to it would get you a lot more business.

    • And when it does offer a discount it is merely £50 usually. Never the ‘half price ‘ one would hope for.

  41. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for single travellers

  42. Many thanks for your response – I will in future email in for the weekly singles offers. Its only recently I started looking for short breaks in the Uk – as a single traveller I’ve usually managed to get a good deal abroad by doing a cheap late package but the ‘Spa’ culture in the UK does seem to be even more difficult to crack – surely if you want a weekend to chill away from the pressures of everyday life there is every chance you will be on your own! Lets see some Spa’s acknowledge that.

  43. If that can be of any help I have setup a facebook group where solo travellers may post / submit requests and potentially pair up with other solo travellers –

  44. I can’t even manage to find holidays for my family either. There is my partner, my daughter and me. What I want is an apartment or room that the 3 of us can share. What I do not want is to pay for 4 people, that isn’t saving me money. Nor do I want to put my daughter in a separate room somewhere in a hotel.
    I don’t usually find booking for the 3 of us a big issue elsewhere, but for some reason this seems to be a huge problem for Secret Escapes. We’re planning a holiday to Iceland. I thought some of the Secret Escapes options looked quite good til I discovered that it had to be an even number of people.
    I’ll quite simply be booking elsewhere. It’s a ridiculous scenario.

  45. I have to agree with all comments above.
    Surely there is a business opportunity here to set up a Business to accommodate single travellers.. This is a growing market not just for Single / unattached people but for many who wish to explore alone or are that 3rd person in a party who wants their own room.. I know many people as you all do and as reflected in the Blogs
    Please at me to the single options posts..
    Thank you

  46. marie belson says:

    Would you please send me emails for single travelling holidays and breaks please? Weekly if possible?
    It would be really appreciated.
    Many thanks

  47. I have been travelling alone for a long time now and it seems to be getting harder to find good deals. Please add me to your single options listings. Thanks.

  48. It’s odd that so many prices are based on double occupancy when it is possible to get ‘room rates’ rather than ‘per person’ rates in most hotels.

    I am single – not because of my job, not because of a divorce, not pining for a partner – I don’t want to go on holiday with a friend or share a room with a stranger. I just want a holiday on my own for a fair price.

    It wasn’t so long ago that travel agents were bemoaning the demise of package holidays because it was so easy to book the whole lot yourself online. Sometimes it’s nice for the legwork to be done for you, but if travel agents can’t offer single rates without forcing you to go with groups of ‘like-minded’ singles I guess it’s back to cheap flights websites and Lonely Planet reviews – thats their lost business!!’

  49. This article dates back to March 2013. Yet nothing on your website has changed with regards to solo travellers. You can’t search for single holidays nor find any. How depressing.

  50. elisabeth says:

    I complained about lack of availability for single travellers and was directed to this blog. I hoped to find some helpful comments but I now realize that people have been complaining for two years and nothing has happened … not even showing prices if there is single availability!

    • Susie Winstone says:

      Same here Elisabeth, which doesn’t bode well for us ‘singles’ any time soon. i had high hopes for Secret Escapes too

  51. robert varndell says:

    The one reason we have single supplements is to subsidise the free child prices that are offered to families with “kids” up to 16 eating far more than most single people do at any meal sitting.

    • Oh mmm never thought of that ,kids go free ,and eat free? to with family package? wonder if they would take me

  52. Most married couples will be single one day,they will miss being a pp when one of them dies ,have to be a poor[got to pay more] sp, I would like to find travel partner

  53. Susie Winstone says:

    May I endorse all of the above comments. I too would love to have a holiday however the financial penalties of travelling alone take all of the Secret Escape deals out of reach of my pocket.
    Even the option of sharing would be a start.

  54. I share everyone’s frustration – particularly as I am a pensioner on a fixed income. I holiday with a friend but we prefer our own space to retreat to as we are both restless sleepers. The answer to the issue seems to be for the hotel industry to recognise that there are more and more people who require a single room and to start either incorporating this into design when new hotels are built, or adapting existing facilities by dividing some of the rooms. But sadly, as long as we continue to be prepared to pay punitive rates, they will continue to charge them.