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Not sure which Hawaiian island to visit? Want to show your Brompton there’s a world beyond the route from Dalston to Clerkenwell? Whatever your ailment – be it the logistics of a big trip or the alarming void of boutique hotels near a summer festival – we can help.

Starting from Monday next week, we’ll be prescribing bespoke holiday advice in our new fortnightly Travel Clinic. Simply submit buy xanax your questions in the reply box at the bottom of this post and we’ll pick one or two to answer for the very first instalment.

road trip

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  1. I am of to Venice in june for 3 nights. Looking for any tips on a hotel to book, we like to be righ tin the mix of all, but dont want to pay 5star prices…Thank you

  2. roxannne holland says:

    We’re planning a trip to Auckland to see the family either next March or March 2015 but want to get married on the way, possibly in Vegas, or can u suggest an alternative where we wouldn’t have to stay too long regarding the paperwork?

  3. Hi there desperately need a two-week honeymoon for May19th to Maldives flying from any London airports. Any last-minute bargains??

  4. Secret Escapes says:

    Thanks so much for your questions!

    This week we’ve answered Roxanne’s question about getting married on the way to Auckland (congratulations on your engagement – and on being the first Travel Clinic subject!) but we’ll be publishing another answer in a fortnight, so do feel free to comment with another challenge for us.

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