Sarah Bannerman: What’s in your suitcase? Plus, win £1000 to spend at Reiss

Sarah Bannerman – womenswear copywriter at Reiss.

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Talk us us through your suitcase – which items can’t you travel without?

A good book is essential, whether it’s just for the flight or to read by the pool as well. Recently I read Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins and it was brilliant. Spotify has proven to be my favourite invention – I always make a new playlist before I travel. A good face cream is a must (in a pot that’s less than 100ml to slip into hand luggage) and – of course – a stack of magazines: Porter, Elle and Harpers top my list.

Where do you shop for your holiday essentials?

I’m not a believer in getting everything from one place, so when I’m looking for clothes I do my research. This summer I bought the Harlot swimsuit and the Effie straw hat from the Reiss collection, sunglasses from Spektre and shoes from Ancient Greek Sandals. I get magazines at the airport and make-up from Clinique and Benefit.

Favourite ‘look’ when travelling?

If I’m going on a city break and the flight is a short one I’ll wear the outfit that I want to wear when I land – usually denim shorts, a silk cami and a leather jacket. Espadrilles are a great choice this summer as they’re comfortable and on-trend.
If it’s a hot destination that I’m heading to, I tend to go for something that’s easy to wear and works in both climates. Last time I travelled I wore lightweight wide-leg trousers, sandals and a simple T-shirt, with added layers to brave the in-flight air conditioning.

Soludas espadrilles - photo credit: Sincerley, Jules

Soludas espadrilles. Photo credit: Sincerley, Jules

Any current trends that you’re not a fan of?

The 1970s revival.

Any tips for packing with only a carry-on?

Plan ahead. I always lay all my outfits out by day, to make sure I haven’t got extra pieces that I don’t need. Take one pair of heels for the evening and if you think you’ll need a jacket, wear it to the airport so that it doesn’t take up valuable space in your carry-on.

If you could go anywhere in the world, right now, where would you choose?

Tulum in Mexico, I’ve never been but I’ve only heard great things.

Mayan ruins in Tulum. Photo credit:

Mayan ruins in Tulum. Photo credit:

Which destination did you visit to last?

I went to Morocco for a week last month.

Was it what you expected?

It was exactly what I hoped it would be – the perfect mix of culture and relaxation. The markets were vibrant, the hotels beautiful and the weather guaranteed.

Favourite destination for eating and drinking?

Paris. With the likes of Ladurée, Hôtel Costes and Merci, you can’t go wrong.

The Terrace at Hotel Costes. Image credit:

The Terrace at Hotel Costes. Photo credit:

Most surprising place you’ve ever been and why?

I did a stop-over in Singapore and spent a few days exploring the city. It’s not a surprising destination but I was surprised at how much I fell in love with it.

Which hotel/s are on your wishlist?

The Aria in Las Vegas, Soho House in Istanbul, Babington House in Somerset and any of the hotels in Santorini – they all look amazing.

Soho House Istanbul

Soho House Istanbul

Any tips to make travelling (the journey or the stay) easier or cheaper?

1)    Write lists: I find packing is made so much easier with a list to work from, plus you’re less likely to forget the essentials.
2)    Do your research: Look up the area online and jot down a few key places that you want to visit while you’re there.
3)    Don’t over-plan: Trying to fit too much in can end up being stressful. Holidays are for relaxing after all.

Tell us something interesting – choose a memorable moment from a previous holiday. What was it?

I lived in Sydney for a year – what started as a two-month travel plan turned into the most memorable year of my life. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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