Spotlight on: The Unfinished Museum of Urban Art, Fanzara

Tucked away in the Province of Castellón, just 50 miles north of Valencia, is the village of Fanzara. Like many of Spain’s villages, Fanzara was at the risk of falling well and truly off the map, with just two bars, one butcher and a single shop to its portfolio of ‘attractions’. In a bid to revitalise both the interest of the community and the tourism trade, this sleepy town’s citizens decided on a bold move; cover the place in street art.


The Visitor by Deih (image courtesy of


Ana Pez (image courtesy of

Last summer, 15 of Spain’s leading street artists were invited to spend four days making their mark on the village. This low-budget leap of faith asked for one mural from each artist, in exchange for board and lodgings. Whilst some of Fanzara’s residents were initially reluctant (older in their years and with very little exposure to street art) once they saw the work under way, many were enthusiastic to get their own properties involved, taking the number of works from a tepid 15 to a hot 44.


Pol Barban (image courtesy of Lluis Olive Bulbena for


Ana Pez (image courtesy of Lluis Olive Bulbena for

Christened ‘The Unfinished Museum of Urban Art’ (MIAU), this enterprising gallery is like no other in the world, and it plans to expand over the coming months to include a full schedule of events from music to theatre. With demand now overtaking wallspace, the murals will regularly renew, allowing the museum, and the village, to keep evolving. Needless to say, Fanzara now makes an eclectic destination for both avid art fans and anyone who’s up for supporting this charming and innovative idea.


Sabek (image courtesy of Lluis Olive Bulbena for


Xavier XTRM (image courtesy of

For more information on MIAU, visit their website or Facebook page

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