Al via i saldi invernali: 5 mete ideali per lo shopping

Al via i saldi invernali: 5 mete ideali per lo shopping

Gennaio 10, 2019 0 Di Laura Norelli

New year, new life and … a wardrobe to be redone! Winter sales have finally arrived on the windows shop , a well of unmissable occasions and dizzying discounts. This year, save on a holiday with the Secret Room and leave with a suitcase

The vintage in London

Forget the flea markets full of junk: in London , vintage is a real institution, the opportunity to find unique pieces to show off with style. A pair of ’70s glasses, a slightly oversized design jacket , a pair of high-waisted jeans at a really cheap price … where to start? Liverpool Street metro stop , first stop: Old Spitalfields Market , one of the city’s most famous indoor markets . For the hunt for the antiques, go on Thursday morning , when you are the music, wait for the third Friday of the month , when the stalls are filled withold vinyls . Also nearby Brick Lane is a must , stands between the underground of the Old Truman Brewery , the vintage shops hidden among tangled graffiti and the crowded Sunday market .

Paris over the Champs-Élysées

No trip to the Ville Lumière would be complete without a walk on the Champs-Élysées , with a majestic ending on the Arc de Triomphe. But it is beyond its famous shopping street that shows its most authentic side, between unique shops and atelier of young designers. Walking along the Canal Saint Martin , the famous backdrop of the world of Amélie , it is easy to stumble across narrow streets bordered by minimal and trendy boutiques: Rue de Marseille and Rue Beaurepaire , for example, are a chic choicefor anyone who wants to be home with clothes and accessories in style bohemian bourgeois (or BoBo , as the French say). And for some shopping outside the box ? Pass by the Marché Saint Pierre in the Sacre Coeur area : between rolls of a thousand patterns you will find fabrics of all kinds , just what you need to give your home a touch of color and originality.

Among the souks of Marrakech

The bustling markets of the Medina , the souks , the Arab markets par excellence, are today one of the main attractions of Marrakech . To visit the world without a doubt! We recommend you as a landmark the famous Jamaa el Fna square and the Kutubiyya mosque , and then venture out, map in hand, in the labyrinth of narrow streets full of stalls. The trick for shopping among the souks is to bargain : how much are you willing to spend for a couple of babouche and a colored pashmina , for a fewspices and a traditional tajine pot? If you play well your cards, who knows … maybe you can even grab an authentic Moroccan carpet (space in the bag allowing)!

New York and department stores

Macy’s , Bloomingdale’s , Barney’s , and Saks : How many times have you heard them nominated at the cinema and on the television, dreaming of spending crazy shopping in floors and tops of shoes and high-fashion clothes? In the New York department stores , sparkling shopping paradises , time seems to be the most complete submerged in bags , ready to jump on a taxi at a time worthy of Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. Against the odds, even the wallet, perhaps, will thank you: in the Black Friday homethe discounts they are always around the corner, even on the big names. To be on the safe side, take a trip from Century21 to Broadway: they are flyable over 50% !

The leather goods of Florence

The history of Florentine leather goods originates on the banks of the Arno , right between the streets of the old town: the water of the river, once fundamental for the processing of leather , fueled the work of tanners and the growth of small shops , giving life in a long-lasting artisan tradition. The master craftsmen still follow the processes of the past, guaranteeing an all-Italian manufacture . From the San Lorenzo Market to luxury boutiques , from street stalls to hidden shops, in Florence it is not as difficult as across all kinds of leather products, including bags, purses , belts and custom shoes . Real estate of Florentine craftsmanship ! But do not be in a hurry, take a moment to study the scent , the color , the stitching of your next purchase .

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